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A Full Range of Surveying Services

Topographical Site Surveys – detail, levels and contours

A precise topographical site survey is often an essential start to any small or large development. A quality site survey, or commonly called a detail and level survey, is the best way to improve your chances of a successful development. Along with all the physical features and elevations of your property, we will identify the constraints of the property, highlight existing easements and locate adjoining information such as buildings, roadways and public reserves which may be a design constraint. We offer additional services that can be incorporated into a site survey including 3D laser scanning and modelling and UAV imagery and point clouds. 

Boundary Surveys and Certificate of Title Issues

Services relating to your property boundaries or title include:

  • Boundary marking
  • Identification surveys 
  • Easement reports and investigation
  • Old System reports
  • Property Council of Australia surveys:
  • Gross/Net Lettable Area for lease contracts
  • Gross Floor Area surveys for Floor Space Ratio conformance.

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Land and Building Subdivisions

We offer all titling solutions for any sized development from concept design draft plans for sales contracts to final documents for registration with NSW Land Registry Services. 

Our services include:

  • Torrens Title Subdivisions
  • Draft subdivision plans
  • Community Title Subdivision
  • Strata Subdivision
  • Stratum Subdivision
  • Lease Plans
  • Redefinition Plans
  • Delimitation Plans

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With over 15 years in the construction industry you can have confidence that whatever the surveying requirements you need, we will provide you with the solution.

General services include but not limited to:

  • Boundary setout
  • Excavation, Grid, Slab and House setout.
  • As-built surveys
  • Occupation Certificate Surveys and certification
  • Final strata subdivision if required.

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Laser Scanning, UAV surveys and modelling

With the help of the latest innovations in data capture, we can provide a full 3D model of a site or building to lay the foundations of a successful development. When quality information is paramount, look into these services as your solution.
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6 Reasons to choose Geodesy

At Geodesy, your project is in expert hands

Experienced Surveyors

Geodesy Survey Group values experience, qualifications and in-house training to ensure our staff deliver the very best to our clients. Our staff are not only highly experience and qualified but they are also passionate about Surveying & Spatial Sciences and are engaged in Continuing Professional Development which is a compulsory component of employment at Geodesy Survey Group.

Premium Survey Plans

Cartography was the combined art and science of graphical representation of a geographical area such as a map or a chart. At Geodesy Survey Group we reach back into history slightly to gain insight into the presentation of plans, drawings and sketches. Just because we are in the digital age doesn’t mean we compromise on the artistic compliments of plan preparation.

High quality equipment

We have adopted as part of our Quality Assurance program here at Geodesy Survey Group to only purchase our equipment from reputable firms such as C R Kennedy who supply and service our Leica Robotic Total Stations, GNSS and other surveying equipment of which is predominately manufactured in Switzerland & Germany. Our Spatial Sciences team specialising in Scanning & UAV deploy their kit based on the latest academic journal articles in a fast paced field of expertise.

Quick Turnaround

Everyone likes a prompt reply and a quick turn around which is a core component of client satisfaction. The benefit of the digital age is that many processes may be streamlined in a workflow allowing for what used to take weeks now taking days. This is why Geodesy Survey Group maintains continued innovation and investments in technologies.

Professional Affliations

Institute of Surveyors NSW

Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW

Lots of positive reviews

Due to our professionalism it is not surprising that our clients are happy, though you can’t please everyone we do try our best. I invite you to try us, and your honest feedback review.

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