Our Mission and Vision

We are Geodesy

Professionalism in Surveying is the basis of our business and our business model with a strong enthesis on ethics and a strict moral code of conduct. This then in turn governs our service and product, the way we treat our staff and clients, even our responsibilities to the community, government and the environment.

Our mission statement is “Professionalism in Surveying by Integrity, Fidelity & Respect.”

Our vision is 2020 on towards 2034, we are entering an interesting age, from the modern to the digital. It is the vision of the board of directors at Geodesy Survey Group to always be developing and innovating new methodologies and solutions to meet the ever changing world of Surveying & Spatial Sciences. We see ourselves at the forefront of the new age with Scan to BIM, UAV Surveys & much much more.

Our goal towards 2034 is to develop good relationships with our staff and clients making any contributions to the betterment of society and the environment along the way.

Equipment, Safety & Capability


Geodesy Survey Group deploys the latest GNSS, Optical & Remote Sensing technologies into the field, ensuring the level of quality and professionalism which you would expect from large firm.

Our directors and staff are key to our business, they are highly experienced and competent in their respective fields

Safety & Capability

Geodesy Survey Group prides itself on a proactive approach to safety, making it easy for staff to ensure they know the risks on every job, task by task. In this respect we have gone paperless to not only reduce our carbon foot print but also streamline our Safety Management Policies and Safe Work Method Statements allowing for real-time notification to our Safety Officer of any issues worth further investigation.

A vision of the founding directors was to allow for scalability of our capability and we have managed to employ this tactic quite successfully by implementing a ratio of employees to subcontractors. By doing so, we are supporting that Australian dream of running a business. To ensure the same level of quality and professionalism is maintained our subcontractors undergo a 3 day induction course with training provided directly by our Chairman & Registered Surveyor. This is the same level of in house training we provide to employees, staff and subcontractors who meet the quality and experience pre-requisites prior to employment.

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(02) 9216 9047

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