Professional Services & Specialisations

At Geodesy your project is expert hands

Conventional Surveys

We undertake Topographical Surveys, Detail, Level and Contour Surveys for any size development. Engineering Setout, Civil Projects & Road Setout. Housing & Residential Surveys, Construction Surveys, Work-As-Executed, High Rise or Granny Flat or in between. We have you covered.

Cadastral Surveys

We undertake Cadastral Surveys such as Boundary Re-marks, Identification Surveys & Dealing Plans, Lease & PCA Plans. Subdivision & Boundary Alignments, Strata Plans & Draft Strata Plans, Consolidation Plans, Road Openings & Closures, and much more.


We undertake Monitoring Surveys, with precise Leica Total Station and Digital Levels we offer a specialised service only performed by experienced and qualified surveyors, rigorously conformed to Quality Assurance Standards, adjusted with a Network Least-Squares adjustment software package and issued by Report and Plan.

3D Laser Scanning

We undertake 3d Laser Scanning Surveys, locating approximately 1 million points per second, applying photography to colourise the point cloud and registered in a accordance with the Quality Assurance System. Usually this is complimented by a UAV mission as a mixed use of the Spatial Sciences. It is then referred for modelling.

UAV Photogrammetry & LiDAR

We undertake UAV Photogrammetry & LiDAR Surveys. Our specialist and commercially licensed UAV Pilot is up to date with the latest academic doctorates and journals of this rapidly developing sector. Many factors come into play, our processing computers are second to none and have been configured to allow for smooth workflow from flight to deliverables, such as point clouds, digital terrain model, digital elevation model, digital surface model, data extraction and orthophotos.

3d Modelling & Spatial Analysis

We have a good team of 3d modellers, predominately we model in Revit however other formats such as Rhino or Solidworks may be employed. Our team can model from the point clouds surveyed by 3d Laser Scanning or UAV Photogrammetry or mixed use as well as from conventional surveys. We have an emphasis on Scan to BIM and insist on an efficient workflow for our clients. Spatial Analysis such as monitoring by point cloud, vegetation mapping, volumes, surface area calculations, and so on are available.